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Walnut Ridge has been in numerous newspaper and magazine articles, featured in Country Accent magazine, and visited by former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. Quoted by writer for Wisconsin Trails magazine, Elizabeth McBride, "Walnut Ridge is one of the most distinctive Bed & Breakfasts in the State ".

Following are some excerpts from 14 years of
Walnut Ridge Log Cabin testimonials.

You have truly created a small world onto itself where agendas, schedules, etc are tossed aside which allows for simple pleasures of life.

Thank you for having a place for couples to reconnect after the daily stresses of life: truly realize how lucky it is to find one another. We'll be back.

This place rocks. I want this place for me! Fireplace, hot tub, bed, and the whole countryness of it all!

This is an unforgettable place. My husband was completely enthralled in how you designed and built this cabin. (He was taking notes on your work!). We had such a great time - it was fulfilling a dream of mine to have a whirlpool, bed, and fireplace in one room. The privacy and peace was much needed and the sound of rain and trees blowing made it even more romantic. Thank you for such a beautiful clean cabin! We'll be back!

This was without a doubt our most romantic getaway. The rustic log cabin was wonderful! We loved the crackling fireplace and music, not to mention the hot tub and bubbles. I couldn't imagine a more romantic place to get engaged to the man of my dreams! We will definitely leave here with great stories and memories! We will definitely be back. Thanks for the warmth and hospitality.

We have enjoyed many B&B's and the most important aspect is to feel welcomed, warm, and cozy. The second we walked in we had that. This is by far the most beautiful cabin we have stayed in. Jill and Chuck - your work and love of this place is evident in every nook and cranny. Thank you for sharing it with others.

What an incredible surprise! I had no idea where we were going when Ron picked me up from work with "I'm looking for a beautiful woman to spend the weekend with. Are you interested?" When we arrived here, I was stunned by the cabin's charm and romantic atmosphere. I fell in love with my husband all over again for the millionth time!

Waking up from a nap to Dave on his knees with the most gorgeous diamond ring in his hand . . . feeling like the luckiest girl on the face of this earth.

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